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Web Development

These days it’s almost impossible to imagine any organisation, large or small not having a website. The Internet has become so pervasive and such an integral part of business and social life that customers will frequently go to the web even before using the telephone – for a start there’s no chance of being left interminably on hold if one is making an enquiry…. A website is not a static thing. For a site to be effective it needs to be relevant, remain current and be frequently updated. This is particularly important if it is to maintain a prominent position in search engine hierarchy. This can be a problem for small to medium businesses that do not have the IT and marketing resources to undertake updating and maintenance. In these cases the website often evolves into nothing more than a screen-based static brochure with outdated information. Older&Wiser helps small to medium businesses with their web presence and provides website advice and a range of services including: Website creation and development, Search Engine Optimisation, e-Commerce, social media initiatives, Website maintenance, updating and training
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