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Marketing Communications

It’s amazing how many companies fail to communicate effectively with their customers or their channels to market. This lack of effective communication can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings on both sides. The company may not fully understand how it’s perceived in the marketplace – although it may think it does – and conversely the marketplace may have misguided perceptions of the company.
Yet there is little doubt that effective communication only strengthens the relationship between a company and its customers.
As an example, regular newsletters can certainly help improve communications – provided people read them! The sad thing is that many company communications are just downright boring and go straight into the trash, wasting paper and costing time and money. Why? Because the information presented is often, quite frankly, irrelevant to the audience.
The key to communicating well with customers is to ensure that information presented is useful, interesting and pertinent to the target audience. Will it help them grow their business or streamline their service? Will it provide better product knowledge that can improve sales? Will it assist them in organising their business better. Will it provide them with competitive information?
Unfortunately despite having good intentions, many businesses find it difficult to maintain the regularity of effective communication due to time and work pressures. At best, this results in irregular communication and at worst irrelevant content.
Older&Wiser’s experience in customer communications helps businesses overcome these problems by ensuring that content is relevant and distribution is regular.
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